Fix Your Sit addresses one of the most important health issues of our time. Arora empowers the reader with the knowledge and tools to maintain health in an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Don’t wait to invest in your spinal health!

Paul Nelson

As a sound engineer, my passion is to make great music. In order to make great music, I have to sit for hours on end to focus on perfecting a beat. I found that I was getting up and feeling stiff and tired. I’ve been trying Pranav’s methods for last month and I feel much better and more focused.

Rae Vaan

Fix Your Sit is a practical, well-written guide to improving some of the root causes of poor posture. Since incorporating some of the advice provided in the book into my daily life, I can already feel positive results. I recommend this to anyone who is ready to make changes related to poor posture and the pain that can often accompany it.

Ellen E.

I am a software engineer and for many years I just accepted that I had back pain in my life. When I started implementing the concepts in this book my back pain slowly disappeared. I have since been able to maintain productivity while living without pain and feeling healthier.

Jovana Z.

I am 76 and have had back pain for years. I read fix your sit a few weeks ago and I have been trying the recommendations on a daily basis. I feel a meaningful reduction in pain and feel like I am making progress. Thumbs Up!


I work in Data Science so most of my life is spent sitting. I have gotten used to some of the pains that come with the job but I wanted to get more fit and do more exercise. But I felt some of the pains of my job were holding me back. pranav has helped me kill two birds with one stone.

Gurinder Pal Singh